Eunos MRT Station East West Line History

Eunos MRT station (EW7) is an MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) station that is above-ground. The station is located along the EWL (East West Line) that is in the Geylang, Singapore planning subzone. The above-ground station is situated adjacent to the Eunos Bus Interchange and also near the Sims Avenue and of the Jalan Eunos junction. The Eunos MRT Station and the surrounding estate were named in remembrance of Mohammad Eunos bin Abdullah. Mr. Eunos bin Abdullah was an early Malay founder who set up the Malay settlements or the Malay village in the area formerly called Kampung Melayu.

Malay influences and the design of the Eunos MRT Station

Within the area that the Eunos MRT Station is located, or the surrounding areas, there exists a heavy Malay influence. The streets of the area are renamed after Muslim national and community leaders. Please see Eunos MRT Station on the East West Line near to Eunosville HUDC Enbloc by MCL Land, which is a subsidiary of Hongkong Land.

In terms of the architecture of the station, it differs greatly compared to other stations on the eastern East West Line stations. That is because the station was designed using the old-fashioned Malay roof structure or the Malay-style pyramid rooftop that is traditional. The design of the roof structure of the station is unlike the barrel vault roof design that is conventional. The conventional roof design is popular with other stations on the western East West Line (Boon Lay to Chinese Garden) and the northern North-South Line (Bukit Batok to Khatib).

One station on the northern North-South Line that is an exception is the Woodlands. The station employed the use of modern materials including steel beams. These modern materials are similar to the ones used to make the Eunos Bus Interchange. That serves the purpose of providing some sense of identity because the Eunos Bus Interchange is situated not far off the Geylang Serai and of course the Malay Village.

History of the Eunos MRT Station

The contract for the construction of the Eunos MRT Station and other stations such as Kembangan station was awarded to the Okumura/Oh Teck Thye Company. That was on December 17, 1985, and construction began on 1986 around January and the completion date was on November 4, 1989.

The Eunos MRT Station was built without the use of platform screen doors just like other above-ground stations found on the East-West line. The installation of platform screen doors of half-height began on October 5, 2010, and on December 16, 2010, operations would commence. The station just like the Queenstown MRT station is installed with HVLS fan which started operating on September 11, 2012.Additionally, from January 2017, privacy screen started to be installed from Eunos Road 5- Eunos Road 2 with the completion date being July 2017.

Eunos MRT Station Beside Eunosville

In conclusion, the Eunos station is an important transport node for not only residents of the Eunos but also JooChiat, Geylang Serai, and Telok Kurau. The station also serves the Eunos Industrial Estate that is nearby and the light commercial areas situated along the Changi Road.